The Umbrella Academy, Season 2: A Conversation with Steve Blackman

Dept. of Raps and Confabs


The Hargreeves kids are back! In time! Ahead of the new season of The Umbrella Academy, we got the chance to speak to the man behind the Netflix series, showrunner and executive producer, Steve Blackman. There are a tonne of spoilers here. You have been warned!


Bahir likes to review movies because he can watch them at special screenings and not have to interact with large groups of people who may not agree with his idea of what a movie going experience is. Bahir likes jazz, documentaries, Ken Burns, and summer blockbuster movies. He really hopes that the HBO MAX Green Lantern series will help the character be cool again. Also don’t get him started on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman (#NotMyArthurCurry).

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