Episode 8

The Goggler Podcast #8: Carry On My Wayward Sons

Dept. of Jibbers, Jabbers, and Yackety-Yaks

In this week’s episode of The Goggler Podcast, Uma, Iain, and Bahir are shocked by MGM’s decision to delay Bond 25. They talk about the new Batmobile. They check out the trailers to Connected, and Artemis Fowl. And they review Color Out of Space, Hunters, I’m Not Okay With This, and Pixar’s Onward.

[00:00:14] Step aside Blofeld. Meet Bond’s newest villain: COVID-19.
[00:07:11] Taking a look at the new Batmobile.
[00:13:02] Trailer Watch: Connected.
[00:18:47] Trailer Watch: Artemis Fowl.
[00:22:39] Review: Color Out of Space.
[00:28:29] Review: Hunters.
[00:34:19] Review: I’m Not Okay With This.
[00:44:29] Review: Onward.
[00:56:30] Bahir recommends Lessons from the Screenplay: Casino Royale – How Action Reveals Character.
[00:57:47] Iain recommends Folding Ideas: The Art of Editing and The Snowman.
[01:01:23] Uma recommends watching Akira Kurosawa’s Rashômon.

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Uma has been reviewing things for most of his life: movies, television shows, books, video games, his mum's cooking, Bahir's fashion sense. He is a firm believer that the answer to most questions can be found within the cinematic canon. In fact, most of what he knows about life he learned from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He still hasn't forgiven Christopher Nolan for the travesties that are Interstellar and The Dark Knight Rises.

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