Over the Moon: A Conversation with Glen Keane

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Netflix’s new animated feature Over The Moon is packed to the rafters with the who’s of Asian American talent. Directed by the legendary animator Glen Keane, this movie is a throwback to the animated musicals of yesteryear.

In this interview, we sat down with Glen Keane himself to talk Over The Moon and what it was like working in animation in the 21st century.

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Bahir likes to review movies because he can watch them at special screenings and not have to interact with large groups of people who may not agree with his idea of what a movie going experience is. Bahir likes jazz, documentaries, Ken Burns, and summer blockbuster movies. He really hopes that the HBO MAX Green Lantern series will help the character be cool again. Also don’t get him started on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman (#NotMyArthurCurry).

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